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Septic Products

At Countryside Septic Tank Services we offer a range of septic products, which include effluent filters, septic tank risers, sewer pumps, and pro-pump bacteria.

Effluent Filters

A majority of drain fields fail prematurely due to an excessive amount of solids escaping the septic tank. Even septic tanks that are pumped regularly will discharge small amounts of lint, soap, grease and other forms of suspended solids. As solids accumulate in the leach field, the soil beneath the leach field will clog resulting in failure.

By installing an effluent filter in the outlet baffle of the septic tank, a majority of those suspended solids get screened out and remain in the septic tank where they belong.

Effluent filters are very affordable and provide significant protection against drain field failure. Effluent Filters are designed to extend the life of your septic system by preventing solids from leaving the septic tank. These filters should be inspected and cleaned once a year.

Having an effluent filter often will alert the homeowner of a problem in the septic system before it becomes a serious issue. If filters are not cleaned regularly they will cause drains to work in an unsatisfactory manner.
effluent filters
septic tank risers

Septic Tank Risers

Septic tanks are typically buried 1 foot below the ground and require hand digging to make them accessible. When your tank is buried more than 16″ below ground level, we recommend having a riser installed.

Risers make servicing your septic tank much easier by eliminating the need to dig up your lawn when your tank is serviced, which saves you time and money. They also make troubleshooting your system much easier if problems arise.

Installing septic tank risers are a highly recommended addition to your septic system. The septic tank riser will make maintaining and monitoring your septic system much easier and more convenient.

Sewer Pumps

Sewer pumps should be inspected annually to insure their optimum performance. At Countryside Septic, offer both pump repair and replacement. We use Zoeller premium quality sewer pumps, which come with a 3 year warranty.
sewer pumps
pro pump bacteria

Pro-Pump Bacteria

How it works: Bacteria in your septic tank break down organic solid materials. The enzymes in this additive feed the bacteria aiding in the cycle of digesting the solids. Used to aid proper septic tank function.

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