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Fremont, MI

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Septic Drain Field Repair Services in Fremont, MI

At Countryside Septic Tank Services, we specialize in drain field repair in Fremont, MI. With over two decades of experience in the field, we offer septic tank services, cleaning, inspection, and more. We can inspect your property’s drain field and ensure that it works efficiently, and recommend any repairs or services needed to keep your system in optimal condition.

Septic Drain Field Installation and Repairs in Fremont, MI

Our specialized team can also install and repair septic drain fields. We can dig out the old field and install a new one, and we can install a new tank if needed. We can also install filters and risers according to your needs, making the servicing of your septic tank much easier. Call us at (231) 924-8994 for a free estimate on your septic drain field repair needs in Fremont, MI.

Trust Us for Your Septic Drain Field Needs

As a leading septic tank specialist in Fremont, MI, we serve clients in Newaygo, Grant, White Cloud, Hesperia, Baldwin, Rothbury, New Era, Croton, Bridgeton, and Wolf Lake. With our expert knowledge and top-quality service, you can trust us to maintain your drain field and keep your septic system running smoothly.

Call now at (231) 924-8994 to get your free estimate for a septic drain field repair services in Fremont, MI, we serve clients in these and surrounding areas:

  • Newaygo, MI
  • Grant, MI
  • White Cloud, MI
  • Hesperia, MI
  • Baldwin, MI
  • Rothbury, MI
  • New Era, MI
  • Croton, MI
  • Bridgeton, MI
  • Wolf Lake, MI

For more information about our services, or to get a free quote, call (231) 924-8994 today.

What Our Clients Are Saying
Erik Anderson Avatar
Erik Anderson
7/11/2022 - Google

I am living in my first house with a septic system. Countryside were kind in answering my questions, very responsive,... read more

Isabelle Kidd Avatar
Isabelle Kidd
7/10/2022 - Facebook

We had our septic tank empty by them and just this weekend we ordered a Portable toilet. Great service and... read more

Marcy Nagelvoort Avatar
Marcy Nagelvoort
7/12/2021 - Google

No need to call anyone else if you’ve just discovered you need to have your sewer tank drained immediately just... read more

Devon Longoria Avatar
Devon Longoria
7/12/2021 - Google

Lucas is a great guy and always makes sure we are cleaned out when needed very friendly guy!!!!

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